Welcome to Connecticut's First Board Game Cafe!  

We've got hundreds of new and classic board games in the store, plus a cafe with tasty snacks made to order, and a few of our favorite games for sale.   Come play!


$5 per person, good from open to close each day.


Tues-Fri, 3 to 11 pm; Sat, noon to midnight; Sun, noon to 8 pm.   



For special events, visit our meetup calendar and our facebook page.    

Events included with Table Time ($5) unless otherwise noted.

Try a game Tuesday! Every Tuesday we've gotten into the habit of opening up new games and learning them from scratch. The only rule is that it's new for everyone.   Starts at 5 pm but join any time.  If you love to play games and are looking for people to play with, this is the night for you!

• D&D   Starting at 7pm. New players welcome, if you don't have a character sheet come 15 minutes early to create one.

• Casual EDH   Starting at 5 pm.

• Friday Night Magic! We start drafting at 6pm, players of all levels welcome! $15 for entry to the draft.

•Also, the Go Club starts at 6:30 pm. Come try your hand at one of the world's oldest games.

•From 12-4 join us for Cool Mini or Not game demos.  Check Facebook for info on the upcoming game, and come try some fun games with us! 

•At 6 pm, we play DREAD, an RPG where your fate is decided by your move in Jenga! No previous experience necessary, just come have fun! 

•Also at 6pm is our Looking for a Group meetup.  Need to meet some new folks to play with? You can drop by anytime, but we especially encourage folks to come at 6pm Saturdays to meet new gamers. 

•Join a Pathfinder adventure at 2 pm, players of all levels welcome.  

• Also, at 3 pm bring your Commander deck for our Magic the Gathering EDH Tournament.


Saturday and Sunday, September 24 & 25  Magic the Gathering Prerelease!  Kaladesh is a world like no other we've been to. It's a gorgeous plane where incredible craftsmanship is prized and wondrous artifacts are built and used. We still have prerelease spots available for $25! Call or stop by to secure your seat in one or more of our three events:

  • Saturday, September 24th @ 12:00pm & 6:00pm
  • Sunday, September 25th @ 1:00pm

514 Main Street, Middletown, CT 

• (860) 788-7824 • 

•  boardroomct@gmail.com