What is the Board Room?

The Board Room is the first Board Game cafe located in Connecticut! Customers pay $5.00 per person and gain access to our massive game library! We have snacks, meals, and drinks for sale. If you LOVE a game enough-pick up a copy on the way out! That's right, we sell games as well!

What is table time?

Table time is access to the Board Room and all of the games that line the shelves. Table time is always $5 (per person), unless otherwise specified for a special event. 

Can I bring in outside food/drink?

Outside food and drink are prohibited in the Board Room; however, if a customer wants to go out and have a meal at one of the other fine restaurants located on Main Street and come back after to play more, there would not be an additional table time charge.

Do I have to know how to play a game before coming in?

Nope! 😄

What is Friday Night Magic?

Friday Night Magic is a weekly social gathering of Magic fans where players meet others, compete, check out new cards, test your latest deck designs, and most importantly, have fun! At the Board Room, players pay $15 and receive 3 packs. In addition to the packs, players compete to win prizes. 

What happens if the Board Room doesn't have the game I'm looking for?

The Board Room can SPECIAL ORDER games for customers if we don't sell them or have them in the library quite yet. 

Do you have memberships? 

Yes! The Board Room now has memberships! For just $20 dollars you can purchase a 30 day unlimited table time pass! Come on by for cookies, games, and good ol’ fashioned social interaction!

What if I lose my membership card? 

Hey no problem, we’re going to have a notebook that has your current expiration date and name so you’re all good! 

Can I share my membership with other people? 

Sorry it's just limited to one person