Welcome to Connecticut's First Board Game Cafe!  

We've got hundreds of new and classic board games in the store, a cafe with delicious meals and fresh, hot cookies made to order, PLUS board games and card games for sale.  Come play today!


$5 per person-good from open to close each day.


Tuesday-Friday: 3:00 - 11:00 pm

Saturday: 12pm - 12am

 Sunday: 12pm - 8:00pm   



For special events, visit our our Facebook page.    

Try a game Tuesday: If you love to play games and are looking for people to play with, this is the night for you! Join fellow gamers to explore the vast collection the Board Room has to offer! Check our Facebook Page weekly to discover which game we are exploring!


Dungeons & Dragons:  One of the most popular role playing events starting at 7pm.  New players welcome; if you don't have a character sheet, come 15 minutes early to create one.


Sherlock Holmes: If you've never experienced the Sherlock Holmes games before, then you'd best brush off your pipe and get to the chase! We have several different games all with numerous crimes that require your assistance to crack. Bring backup because time is of the essence!

• Friday Night Magic: Drafting starts at 6pm.  Players of all levels welcome! $15 for entry to the draft.

• Go Club: starts at 6:30 pm. Come try your hand at one of the oldest abstract strategy games in existence!


Hidden Roles: Come check out some of our countless hidden roles games! Great for medium to large groups!

Warhammer 40K: Tables, terrain, and rule books available for this epic tabletop game!


MTG Commander: Bring your Commander deck to battle at 1pm. Receive a free pack!

Captain SONAR: Like Battleship for adults, this game puts you in a submarine battle with several roles!

514 Main Street, Middletown, CT •

• (860) 788-7824 • 

•  boardroomct@gmail.com  •